Silk Road: The Listening

On Wednesday, March 18th, 2015, my and Sarah Kinzer’s radio show entitled ‘Silk Road’ aired on the ds106 radio site.

It was delightful to participate in the ‘live tweet’ and learn what others thought of our work. I was surprised by how well it was received, and the experience made me realize how much fun I actually had while working on it.

It was great to know that many of the jokes we had written were actually coherent to the audience. It was also nice to find out that our show came across as concise and complete, even though it was only ten minutes long and designed by two people.

If I were to redo the project, I would definitely allow more time to plot out the story and search for voice actors. I think we wrote and completed the project within about three days, and over the first weekend of spring break no less. However, occasionally projects that are put together in a micro amount of time come across better than ones with a months worth of effort. I have experienced this phenomena first hand on several occasions, and have decided this: No matter how hard I work, there will always be elements of life that I can neither predict nor control.

My favorite thing about this project is that it gave me a chance to experiment with how my writing/acting skills are perceived in general. While I am a strong writer, I am still new to voice acting and would need to spend more time with it to consider myself skilled in that area.

I have already mentioned the advice I would give to other students beginning their own radio show: Start early!

I got lucky this time in that my partner Sarah and I are both familiar with creative writing and were able to ‘click’ with each other in that way. However, years of group projects have taught me to be prepared for the worst: Sometimes your partners will not work well with you, or even work at all.

Overall I am thrilled to have made this memory that I can listen to anytime I want, as well as know that I am proud of my work.

Here is what I tweeted just before the show began:

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